5th Grade Test Prep

Congratulations – You and your student have decided to pursue additional math mastery! This is a GREAT time to master the basics of elementary school math as you look forward to middle school.

If you would like your student to move beyond what you think their current placement level will be, this will require a lot of family support.  For the most part, fifth-grade students aren’t independent, self-directed learners.  Those students who advance to their next level usually have significant family support and/or enrichment support.

We’re not recommending that everyone try to advance their student to the next level.  All students will receive an excellent middle school math education no matter what level they are at or which school they attend.  Mathitude offers our Test Prep Book and classes only in support of whatever family/student goals you may have.


Test Prep Book only: 

This 50-page Test Prep Book is specifically designed for La Entrada 5th grade placement tests.  Materials are developed by expert math coach, Paula Hamilton, who has led many students through this process.  She’s included her best test-taking strategies, tips and tricks and fifth-grade materials review, introduced key sixth-grade math topics and provided challenging problem sets to ensure mastery. Topics include ratios, algebra, geometry,  percent applications, introduction to negative numbers and extensive fraction exercises. 

Test Prep Books available at Mathitude starting February 2nd

Test Prep Book + Prep Classes:

In addition to the Test Prep Book, you can choose up to 5 Sunday classes for your child to attend. These are structured hours including additional instruction and exercises to advance your student’s mastery.  Students will bring their Test Prep Books and any questions they may have to the class.

Class Dates    (Sundays, 4:30 – 5:30 pm)


February 10th

February 24

March 10th

March 17

March 24