Want a Strong Finish to the School Year? Sign Up for Mathitude’s Virtual Math Engagement Clubs

For PreK through 8th Grade Students

Students will keep those math gears working with Mathitude’s FUN virtual engagement clubs. Some clubs focus on school curriculum material while others explore deep mathematical concepts. ALL clubs use Mathitude’s proprietary materials, all designed to build exceptional mathematical minds while creating excitement and joy. Along with our collaborative sessions, you will also have access to challenging material for your student to work on throughout the week.

HOW IT WORKS:  You pay a flat rate fee for the 6- or 7-week clubs. We will send you invitations to our Zoom sessions where we use interactive material and breakout sessions to provide high-touch collaborative math experiences. Clubs start the week of April 20th* so…

Delta K Club

Get ready for math engagement for the youngest students!  We are so excited by math AND students learning math.  We can’t wait to work with your pre-K or kindergarten student to help them be the most powerful mathematician possible BEFORE they enter full-day school routines.  What better way to influence your child’s Mathitude (Math Attitude) than with this math engagement club.

Mathitude’s Delta K Club will promote number knowledge, pattern recognition and other mathematical thinking tools and strategies to help your child start school with a strong math foundation and the confidence and curiosity needed to excel in math throughout their school career!

Students need to be at least 4 years old and toilet-trained to be in this club.

Delta Club
1st – 3rd Graders
4th/5th Graders

Mathitude’s Delta Club is a fast-paced and FUN class that is all about change. Mathitude’s curriculum is designed to reinforce school math concepts and advance math reasoning and logic utilizing games and puzzles. We incorporate the fun of games and Mathitude’s high-level concepts to introduce your child to math usually seen at much older ages.  In any given week, students will learn about cryptography, big data, game theory, and advanced geometric topics. 

Delta Club is offered multiple times per week at two levels:  1st through 3rd graders and 4th/5th graders.  Sign up for your student(s)’ grade level(s) at the time(s) that work best for your schedule.

Quest Club
Advanced 4th – 7th Graders

Quest Club is an enrichment math club for advanced and motivated 4th through 7th grade students. This club gives your student the opportunity to explore math with other highly-motivated students. This is a quick-paced, deep-curriculum experience and we welcome all students who are excited about learning in-depth concepts not usually covered in classrooms until college.

Power Club
6th – 8th Graders

Power Club will focus on important middle-school curriculum and ensure students are ready for high school math rigor. We will first focus on school math concepts and then spend the last half of the hour with group collaborative activities.  We’ll incorporate the fun of games and Mathitude’s high-level concepts to introduce your child to many different math topics, encouraging them to develop new levels of mastery.

Mathitude Shelter in Place Inspiration

When we received the shelter in place order, Mathitude quickly adapted to the change and offered virtual club experiences for the rest of the winter quarter sessions. One week, we brainstormed with our Power Club on the best way (using minimal area but allowing for maximum socialization) to map out a 19-person party using 6-foot distancing measures.

After our great brainstorming session, we created some math street art of our map. Check out the photo and write-up in our local online news source, InMenlo.

Social Distancing Party Plan