Mathitude Winter Clubs

January 6th – March 19th


Delta K Club

Get ready for math engagement for the youngest students!  We are so excited by math AND students learning math.  We can’t wait to work with your pre-K or kindergarten student to help them be the most powerful mathematician possible BEFORE they enter full-day school routines.  What better way to influence your child’s Mathitude (Math Attitude) than with this math engagement club.

Mathitude’s Delta K Club will be all about giggles, excitement, FUN, and math in the world around us.  Students will learn new ways to observe the world, classify what they see and experience AND develop mathematical thinking skills usually not introduced until much later in school.  Your child will love math before they’re ever asked to do a timed math facts test. 

Students need to be at least 4 years old and toilet-trained to be in this club.

Delta Club
1st – 3rd Graders
4th/5th Graders

Mathitude’s Delta Club is a fast-paced and FUN class that is all about change.  We work on changing your student’s lifetime math engagement levels by providing exciting math materials and activity challenges.  Delta Club begins with Calculation Corner where each child works on their individualized Mathitude curriculum path.  Mathitude’s curriculum is designed to reinforce school math concepts and advance math reasoning and logic utilizing games and puzzles.

After Calculation Corner, we transition to Challenge Circle activities.  Your student will work collaboratively with other young budding mathematicians to complete weekly challenges.  We incorporate the fun of games and Mathitude’s high-level concepts to introduce your child to math usually seen at much older ages.  In any given week, students will learn about cryptography, big data, game theory, and advanced geometric topics.

Delta Club is offered multiple times per week at two levels:  1st through 3rd graders and 4th/5th graders.  Sign up for your student(s)’ grade level(s) at the time(s) that work best for your schedule.

Quest Club
Advanced 4th – 7th Graders

Quest Club is an enrichment math club for advanced and motivated 4th- through 7th-grade students.

We will segment the club session by grade level during the first half of each session. Students will work with expert coaches in their Mathitude engagement workbooks. Pages are designed to enhance integrative math skills, build deep number sense and develop superior logic and reasoning skills.

During the second half of each session, we will introduce group collaborative projects and expose students to a wide variety of topics, most usually not seen until high school or college. Your student will learn about fractal math, game theory, big data/data science, and mathematical investing topics.

We will provide an exciting, stimulating environment for your student along with similarly motivated club mates.  Your student’s Mathitude engagement book will go home with them at the end of the 15 weeks for additional engagement practice at home.


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