Paula2-cropped Paula Hamilton is the mother of a d.tech freshman who attended La Entrada Middle School; she cares passionately about math education.  She did a double-major in Math and Economics for her undergraduate education; got her master’s in Applied Economics from San Francisco State; and completed coursework and comprehensive exams (specializing in Microeconomics and Econometrics) in UCLA’s PhD Economics program.  Throughout her studies, Paula provided math and economics tutoring to a wide variety of students and was in charge of the Economics Tutoring Lab while at San Francisco State.  During her time at UCLA, Paula also worked at RAND in Santa Monica focusing on Indonesian family decisions during the Asian financial crisis.  After leaving UCLA, Paula worked for 10 years as a risk management professional at Wells Fargo and senior risk management manager at Bank of Hawaii.

Since leaving the financial industry, Paula has been heavily involved in Las Lomitas School District activities.  She was the La Entrada PTA Secretary and was also the Investment Manager for the Las Lomitas Education Foundation.  She has volunteered in the classroom for various activities including leading Junior Great Books discussions and participating as an ABC Reader (Project Cornerstone initiative).  She also works with children on Sundays as the head of a non-profit musical service organization (CALLING ALL MUSICIANS) which encourages children to visit senior centers, develop their musical performance experience and practice compassion through service to others.

Paula understands the importance of math education and is always looking for opportunities to make math exciting and fun for her students.  Along with group and private tutoring, Paula is currently focusing on several math education areas including math curriculum development, math product development, and her next Googolympics event.  She facilitates students at local Julia Robinson Math Festival events, attends Stanford math and education seminars and regularly participates in math education conferences throughout the country.

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