Summer CAMP 

for rising second grade through rising sixth grade

AUGUST 6 – 10, 2018

At 1031 Lucky Ave, Menlo Park

During this daily 2-hour camp, we’ll integrate Singapore Math modeling, Common Core problems, calculation practice, and logic/reasoning games along with…..

Robot Programming ROBOT PROGRAMMING:  We’ll be using Sphero products (SPRK and BB-8 robots) to roam through mazes and introduce them to block programming (similar to Scratch).  They’ll be begging you to get a programmable robot at home!
 Visual Math VISUAL MATH:  The latest research shows visual processing is integral to mathematical understanding and comprehension (see Stanford math education professor Jo Boaler’s paper here: VISUAL MATH PAPER).  Fortunately, visual representations are appealing to children and adults.  We’ll explore visual representations of numbers and growth patterns.
 Design Math DESIGN MATH:  Using ZomeTool and other materials, we’ll build catapults, model suspension bridges, and allow time for creative design, all approached using design thinking processes.
 Olympiad Challenges OLYMPIAD CHALLENGES:  Your child will feel like an Olympian as they work through these Olympiad math puzzles.  They’ll learn different solving strategies that will build their confidence and increase their growth mindset.
 Big Bang Therory Math ‘BIG BANG THEORY’ MATH:  We’ll explore fractal math, graph theory and Pascal’s triangle.  All will be presented in an appealing, age-appropriate format for your children.  We’ll open up new worlds of math they’ve never seen!
 Calculation Stations CALCULATION STATIONS:  Your child needs to master math facts, be able to solve Singapore word problems and do well in their math classrooms.  We’ll start each day reviewing last year’s and previewing the upcoming year’s curriculum.


Our goal?  Lifetime math engagement!
Max Enrollment: 12 Students