Mathitude Quest packet is a summer math engagement program designed to help your child increase their math intelligence () by engaging in our proprietary puzzles, games and refresher sheets, all designed to strengthen math skills and knowledge.

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  • Emailed to your inbox on delivery date
  • Packed full of high-quality, challenging and engaging material
  • Answer keys included for easy checking
  • Designed to review last year’s math, deepen mathematical thinking and preview upcoming concepts



Let’s increase your MQ (Math Intelligence)!

Quest Club is a new project-based enrichment math club for advanced and motivated 5th through 7th-grade students. Students need to be in 6th-8th grade Honors math OR very strong performers in 5th grade math.

 With Quest Club, students can…

Explore the freedom to love math with other like-minded kids

Challenge perceptions and work outside your comfort zone

Focus on curiosity and passion projects


Class will introduce new topics, discuss previous week’s projects and challenge deeper thinking.  We’ll explore topics including Logic, Number Theory, Investing and Game Theory topics. Students will explore during class and then will be given (optional) additional work to do at home.


We will provide an exciting, stimulating environment for your student in a class filled with similarly motivated students.


Class is every Monday

  • 3:15 – 4:15 pm 


  • 4:15 – 5:15 pm

Class runs from September 10 through December10 with NO CLASSES on November 12 OR November 19.

Min – Max Enrollment: 4 to 10