Mathitude Quest 

Is returning June 2018!

Keep your child engaged with math this summer


Mathitude Quest is a weekly PERSONALIZED math engagement program designed to help your child maintain math skills and knowledge and increase their math intelligence (MQ).

How Does It Work?

SIGN UP for our monthly subscription service 
We currently offer packages for rising 2nd grade through rising Algebra students
When you sign up, give us information about your student(s)’ math goals and/or challenges
(or opt for the packet based on your student(s)’ grade level)
Each week, you’ll receive your student(s)’ weekly math engagement packet by email*
(Sign up by Friday to receive your first packet the following Monday.  Monday packets will continue each week)
Packets are designed to provide math engagement for 15-30 minutes, 5 days a week
*Email packets will be delivered by 9 am (PST) on Monday mornings
Your packet will include: 
  • Calculation/algebraic work
  • Word problems
  • Engaging and fun math puzzles
  • Answer keys that provide immediate feedback
Change the focus of your student(s)’ future packets by filling out our easy online form
“Page 4 was too easy/too hard”
“Send more like page 5 – we loved it!”
“We’ve mastered page 3 skills.  We’re ready for the next level!”
(If you don’t send feedback, we’ll continue with progressions based on your student(s)’ level)
Cancel at any time
Cancel your subscription by providing your information in this form:  Quest Cancellation 
Your subscription will complete its current monthly cycle and then you won’t be charged again